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The Diablo AGD WebRing

war.gif (16777 bytes) Big Hello, goes to all the members, of the newsgroup.

For information, and help, this is the place to be!
I haven't got the space to fit everyone's name in, but you all know who you are, you all are an enormous contribution to such a decent informative Newsgroup.
Those who deserve a special mention Stalker~||AE||, SilverRaven, Jimmy Nilzohn, TuffGuy, Dark Half, Z-Man, A.G Turner, Dalai Lama, Caspian, Cindy, Lo Fi Cat, Milamber / Pug of Crydee, HellHarpoon, Furry, Tony/Janice McElrea, Atcox, ALHK, Pedro Faria / Jarulf, moe SAINT EverGreen, Ald, Kaymen, Lazy Eye Bob, Celleste, Ken Noone, Rich.G, Purple, Time Goddess, Subspace and so on......

Massive Thanks go to a certain Marcus Förster out there, I owe you a massive debt of gratitude, you gave me the location of the one file, that allowed me to get on I am most grateful for this. Thank You.

Big Hello, and Regards, go to the one and only Lo Fi Cat, who made the AGD Diablo Web Ring possible. Thank you. : )

And Lastly Blizzard North, for producing such an awesome game.


mIRC - #Beginners Channel - The Web Site

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Big Hello to all the mIRC Regulars, on the #Beginner channel.

Love ya all man!


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And lastly big hug, to my parents John, and Jita. Love you two to death man. Thanks for bringing me up, the way you did, and looking after me so well.

Lastly, major hello to all me mates, from Harrow. Big mentions go to R.C. The Vandal,   Midge, Irfan, Marnie, Neal, Seema, Tony.C, Andy.C, Mahesh, Brain McCarthy, Jatin.M, Robert.F (Haggis boy!), Mr.Bean (Stevey!), Baron, James, Matt, and the rest of the mad lot.

These guys/gals are the basic nutters in my life, non-stop trouble, non-stop problems, non-stop hassle. What a bunch of friends!

Love ya all man!!