My god we're turning into Nirvana!

EVERBLOOM is an energy rock band from Bristol in the south west of England. A band deemed 'Impressive' by KERRANG in their 1997 unsigned band competition and have recently been given four K's in the magazines singles review page for the bands latest EP 'Consider This'. The music is powerful with great vocal melodies, raw live energy and a damn good time. Everbloom have reinvented the garage sound of the late 80's and early 90's into an explosive contemporary new wave of rock music.

Everbloom was formed in September' 95. They took six months writing 10 quality tunes to take out on the road, and from March' 96 that`s exactly where they've been, progressing at a furious rate in song writing and gaining a following in the South of this country.

The band enjoyed a successful 1997 performing over 100 shows. Venues include:

The South West VW Festival in Bristol
Reading Alleycat (supporting Snuff)
Exposure Rock cafe in Dudley and Birmingham (supporting The Jellys)
Camden Fusilier & Firkin (supporting Libido)
Bristol Fleece & Firkin

Dates planned and played in 1998:

Reading Alleycat (supporting The Fall) 30 April
Bristol Fleece & Firkin 9 April
Bristol Louisiana 9 May
Run to the Sun Festival on Fistral Beach 24 May
Camden Fusilier & Firkin 6 June

As musicians all members have played together for almost 10 years writing their own material covering metal, indie and punk (previous bands include Bleeden and Symphony in Slang)

Everbloom are currently in the studio recording their follow up to 'Consider This'. The new single entitled 'Love, Love' will be available from Mid July 98 and promises to be the bands greatest collection of songs to date. The 'Consider This' single is due to be played on Radio XFM sometime in the near future.


The Bloom


Who's Who

I don't fancy yours much

Not A Lot Of People Know That!

  • Full Name : Wayne Bateman

  • Age : 25

  • Instrument : Guitar/Vocals

  • Influences : The Police, Metallica

  • Song that changed my life : Perfect Day (Lou Reed)

  • Most likely to say : That's mop tang!

  • Least likely to say : Got the new Boyzone album?

  • And another thing! : He's an airhead

  • Full Name : Nick Russell

  • Age : 24

  • Instrument : Guitar/Backing Vocals

  • Influences : The Wildhearts

  • Song that changed my life : Sucker Punch (Wildhearts)

  • Most likely to say : Can you buy me a pint?

  • Least likely to say : It's my round!

  • And another thing! : He's a dead ringer for Michael Bolton

  • Full Name : Mike Port

  • Age : 24

  • Instrument : Bass Guitar

  • Influences : The Offspring

  • Song that changed my life : Self Esteem (Offspring)

  • Most likely to say : I'm 24 and by bus is 25, look.

  • Least likely to say : I'm selling the bus and buying a sierra

  • And another thing! : He has the eyes of a swine!

  • Full Name : Nick Hodges

  • Age : 26

  • Instrument : Drums & Percussion

  • Influences : Nirvana,The Who,Green Day

  • Song that changed my life : Substitute (The Who)

  • Most likely to say : These pedals are f**ked.

  • Least likely to say : Everbody calm down!

  • And another thing! : He used to be a British BMX champion.