On this page you will find samples of the three songs from the soon to be released 'Love, Love' single. In addition there are also complete versions of four songs from the 1997 live session, and the lead track from the earlier 'Flowerhead' single. All these songs are encoded using RealAudio 5. To be able to listen to these songs you will require this software and a 28.8 modem or faster. If you would like more information about Everbloom tapes & compact discs then please use the form at the bottom of this page. A complete record of Everbloom releases can be found on the discography page.


'Love, Love' Single 1998
Love, Love (01:21) 28K Sample 56K Sample   
Never Time To (01:42) 28K Sample 56K Sample   
The Original Skitz (01:21) 28K Sample 56K Sample   
'Consider This' Mini-album 1997
Consider This (03:47) 28K Sample 56K Sample   
Pumpalina (03:13) 28K Sample 56K Sample   
Eggy's Den (02:34) 28K Sample 56K Sample   
Kingy (02:50) 28K Sample 56K Sample   
'Flowerhead' Single 1997
Flowerhead (02:59) 28K Sample 56K Sample   

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