What we do:

Strode Sound offers their services to both retail and trade customers.

The main areas being sales, service, hire, maintenance and installation of sound and radio communications equipment.

We engineer a solution based on the Customer's requirements and design it from the ground up. Our in-house engineering team design, build, install and commission one-off bespoke solutions to fit your needs.

Our expertise ranges from simple mobile and fixed base station systems, through Common Base Repeater systems to trunked multi-channel, multi-user systems.

We also cater for the mobile phone user - don't forget that your mobile is still a radio transceiver!

We have the specialist skills and knowledge to deal with all your communications needs.

Should you be experiencing problems or difficulties with your existing Communications system, we have the tools and equipment to deal with almost any problem from 100KHz to 1GHz!

A complete indoor and mobile, on site installation and maintenance facility being available to customers covering the United Kingdom.

We also cater for international motor sports event's communications systems.

From a single loudhailer or a pair of hand held radios to a bespoke communications solution for an International motor sport event, we can accommodate your requirements.