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The home of the world's most shit but nice rock band

BURBS - British Unsigned Rock Band Site
BURBS - British Unsigned Rock Band Site

Thank you for visiting. You may be wondering who we are and where we are from well here is a bit of info about our band. We are a group of 6th Form students from Chester-Le-Street in Co.Durham (North England).
The band was started around 3 years ago and has seen many different people through it. Chris only joined the band as the bassist around 1 year ago. There used to be two bassists but we decided that we would be better off only having one. The other has since joined a variety of other bands some of which are in our collection of links to other sites. We have only recently taken off as a band as we have just acquired a singer (martin). We currently have 2 guitarists, 1 bassist, 1 drummer and 1 singer. All of us can be seen at our own little bit of the site in the "Meet The Band" section.
We hope you enjoy the rest of the site!