Reports and Services

Check out our special reports available on line or by return snail mail.
You need to provide Date, Place and Time of birth, ( as accurate as possible, please ) and an e-mail or terrestrial address for them to be sent to. We recommend that you do not send visa numbers on line but telephone/fax them to us. We shall send your report to you as soon as we have both your request and visa details.
See page one for our form.

Natal Chart Interpretation

Introduction approx. 10 page report Costs £7 
Planets in  houses approx. 20 + page report costs £12
Full analysis approx. 40 + page report Costs £23

Forecast for the year ahead

One Year approx. 52 page report Costs £ 18
6 Months approx. 26 page report Costs £12

Questions Answered

Find out the best times for you to buy your car, computer, home etc.
Choosing the right time can save you money and effort. Ask us about wedding dates or new business setup. Price from £20

Relationship Analysis

Compares two charts describing the way each person
handles the relationship approx. 26 pages Costs £ 15

Baby Profile

Unique Astrology Centre baby report giving helpful advice for parents about new babies potential approx. 10 pages
Costs £15

Health Analysis

Unique Astrology Centre report giving an analysis of the health potential in your chart. approx. 5 pages
Costs £15

Tartan Horoscope

Unique Astrology Centre service gives information on your Scottish Ancestry with charts and report carefully
researched by our genealogist.
Costs are variable. We will quote you on application.

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