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Welcome to the Bob files ! The latest in Creatures technology ! Here after a while you will find lots of cool Creatures stuff ! (as soon as I get my grubby little hands on them ! )

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I think all these downloads are alright but if one does not work then please email me so I can rectify this.

Vampire Norns.

Warning this area is for vampire norns they may be harmfull to download please keep your norns away from them when the die! They may take a while to settle and start killing! They have not been geneticly altered.please read the story first.


nosferatu.exp ..............dracula.exp......... dangervampires!

..vampire.......................vampire.............multipack of vampiers..


C1 Normal Norns!

Flutter.exp Tigena.exp Fred.exp Wagney.exp Hobby.exp Amy.exp Sydney.exp Charlie.exp Jenny.exp Pippin.exp Oscar.exp

George.exp Nancy.exp Sandy.exp Santa.exp Blink.exp Melvin.exp Jarvis.exp Dion.exp John.exp Chrono.exp



A pack of 2 polar norns(immortal.)

C1 normal norns multipacks.




Cobs for C2.







Cobs for C1.

lava lamp


C2 Norns.





The fireflys.

the fireflys are a strong robust type of norn built on a combination of genomes and add-ons. they can take poison without dieing (in fact they enjoy the experience!) they breed quite well but towards the end of their life they tend to suffer complete organ failiure and die at the age of 4 hours.

download now one short quick download!

download now !..................download now! .............download now! .............download now!..............download now!

fireflys! free download!

download now !..................download now! .............download now! .............download now!..............download now!


One mean mother! This norn is built on a old norn that has been sculling around my hard disk for ages and formed the base of the firefly genome.


A younger bluer version of firefly this norn gets on as well with grendels as well as norns.She is only 2 mins old in this download.


Ok so not all fire flys are norn based but they're all tough!This ones even fast!


Hmm... Intresting! im not sure what happened to this norn but it breeds well and is a very good mate for the other fireflys.


The Tomato.

I have been making a new type of tomato called the fertility tomato that activates norn hormones and puts the females oestrogen into a downward cycle or males testosterone into an upward cycle,makes them fertile, triples their sex drive (!),increases their strength and changes their genome so that all children will have A LOT of lobes.


Here are some tips for training grendels.

1 As soon as the grendel comes near any of your norns give them all a weak anti-oxidant or Creatures 2 vitamins, then get them to leave.

2 Leave one quite well trained norn with the grendel for a while, then tell it to go to the computer. The grendel will usually

follow at this stage.If not get it to a teleporter and teleport it there.

3 Once it is at the computer educate just as you would a normal norn.But remember grendels are more intelligent so learn


4 Now you have trained it you have to get rid of any diseases it may carry. You can do this in lots of different ways,

if you have Grendel Selector you can use that then give the grendel a weak energy and anti-oxidant or you can get potions and

lotions and tell it to drink them. If you cannot do either of them there are plenty of useful herbs around the world that

you could feed it.

Here are some tips about creatures the world and life in general!

1)Feed your norns!

2) Let your norns sleep!

3) Let them mate!

4) Cure their diseases!

5) Don't smoke - smoking causes cancer!

6)Make sure your norns have toys to play with.

7) Train them properly!

8) Learn the difference between herbs, food and weeds!

9) Don't commit sucide life is too precious to waste.

10) When resetting your world don't think too hard about ethics or morals as you will probaly have a dilemma.

11)Don't be called Bob.

12) Add this site to your favourites!

13)Get as many species as possible for your Albia!

14)Don't get loads of one type of norn because you like them, you will restrict your genepool.

15) Don't become a blood craving vampiric psychopath.

16) If you want to get some friends in the online comunity don't give their address away to spammers!

17)If you are starting a site don't be sad and type in HMTL code use a wysiwyg editor like front page express (I did!)

18) Don't pack your Albia with loads of downloaded cobs and add-ons or the norns will become pixilated and the computer will crash.

If you are having any problems you could e-mail us and we would be happy to help.

Tales of fear , happiness and/or norns!

Tale of the vampire norn!!!!!!

Only a few moments before I wrote this, I witnessed an event to shake Albia from its foundations to the highest peaks of the Purple Mountains. This is a tale of horror, terror and norns. Read if you dare....

I will begin....

It all began with a norn called 10 of 1 that my sister created with the genetic preview kit. Now this norn had the same fingerprint and genemoniker as another norn (4of1.)This caused the game to do a double take and to open a world which was in the past,without 10of 1 .

In the end I had two worlds open and the game clock went crazy! One creatures screen displayed Albia in the past before 10of1 was created amd the other displayed a possible future Albia where 4of1 simply did not exist! Since acts in the past changed the future Albia, norns would die and reapear or be in two places at once.

Eventually 10of1 died and for a while Albia continued as normal and norns lived and died .The line of 10of1 continued through the generations and suffered many abnormalities.

His son could stand on top of the lighthouse (Creatures 1) and hold up a hand, instanly a honey pot or piece of cheese would rise into the air and shoot into his hand.

His son's son could eat poison and survive( once he ate the whole deathcap mushroom and survived with out medical help!)Also he had an immunity to most toxins and most importantly, glycotoxin!

His son's son's daughter only had arms for every other 5 minutes in the morning. Also when grendels aproached she would vanish!

Then, his son's son's daughter had a son who upon hatching called the elevator to the top of the lighthouse (where he'd hatched). Following this, he began journeying around Albia calling together his family for the past few generations (dead or not) to the area by the waterfall and the little pool. NOTE: upon birth he instanly knew how to operate all the machines and movers AND spoke excellent English!

At this point I had to drop a friend who had been here for the day home ,and since I was only going to be gone a few minutes I only turned off the moniter and sound. But on the way back, we had to go in town and some other stuff .By the time we got home I had completely forgoten about the norns and watched Stargate S-G-1 on Tv.

Just after tea I went into the computer room and noticed the computer was on . I turned on the moniter and found 3 norns left alive out of the original 12. One of these surviving norns, on life force 76, was in the garden (10 of 1's son's son's daughter's son!) Another ill norn, on life force 5, was in the grendel tree.

Under the desert island was a norn unlike any I have seen before. It looked like one of the norns you get from the hatchery,however she was on lifeforce zero,her heart was not beating , she had barely any temperature .Yet she was walking around like a living norn under the desert island. Around her were the bodies of the other missing norns frozen in positions of horror and pain. They were dead on their feet or bending over . One was dead posing for a kiss-POP. Just as I looked back at this strange norn, a grendel came down the corridor in the little truck. She raised a hand and said "gnaz gruh", instantly the grendel knelt down and lowered its head , she bent over it and her life force moved rapidly from zero to 53% and upon it reaching 53%the grendel grimaced and died.

I suspect that the norn stole the grendels life force to bring itself to life. My suspicions were soon to be confirmed.....................

I have saved this norn and it is availible for download.

Tale of the vampire norns 2!

Since the time of the first vampire norn Albia has been growing darker and darker. One member of my household was not content with merely hearing my stories of how most of the inhabitants of Albia had died horrible deaths, she wished to do some experiments into the nature of the vampire norns she exported all the norns and exported lots of copied and cloned norns from the genetics kit.

she fed them "lobotimsed" genetic grendels and they became un-dieing rulers of Albia they seem to prefer norns to grendels and have mutated over the generations.

Now after 20 hours of game time the vanish and only materailise at the natral birth of a norn or there dark birth into vampirism. When a norns is "emptied" they walk around for about 2 minutes then fall into a deep sleep, limb by limb they mutate into the vampire norns body type limb by limb they then wake up on life force 47a nd start there new lives.

Coming soon war of the fireflys!


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