The Bay and the Family

i 1539 John, Matthew, Peter, William, Robert and Bartholomew are tenants of Whitby Abbey in Robin Hoods Bay.
1565 Same names appear in documents selling Abbey possessions to the Cholmleys.
1603 First reference to a Storm, Robert d.1603, in Parish Records begun 1600.
1686 Thomas and son, Thomas, lost at sea fishing.
1690 Thomas, Robert and Bartholomew lost at sea fishing.
1740s Pressed ganged are Matthew(1705-1744) on HMS Marlborough; Isaac(1712-1742), Bartholomew(1714-1744), Isaiah(1722-1743), and Christopher(1722-1741) on HMS Lennox.
1751 Parish Constable Book lists Isaac, Robert and Taylor as shipowners.
1762 Shipowners in parish records include Matthew, James and Edward.
1780 Edward(1747-84)alias Hall, Navigator to Admiral Rodney on HMS Sandwich.
1796 Robin Hoods Bay fishing pays well' 'two boats paid their crew members 50'.
1815 William(1783-1851) and brother James(1790-1855) transport the fugitive Louis Philippe of France from Ostend to Harwich.
1873 William(1847-1920)sails to Port Natal in a record 65 days.
1880 First steps to founding Storm & Co(Pty)Ltd, Natal, by William(1847-1920).
1898 John Harrison's(1819-1898) obituary records "Bay had been the richest town for its size on the English coast, and among its residents were opulent shipowners...".

1900 William(1857-1950), master of SS Roma, swept 1 mile inland in Galveston storm.
1914-1918 Raymond(1892-1971) on Egyptian Prince shelled and sunk. Jacob(1870-1946) on Beemah sunk by U-Boat.
1926 Jacob(1837-1926) dies, "a fine type of British Master Mariner".
1939-1944 Raymond(1892-1971) survives sinking by E-Boats, and subsequently serves in Malta convoys. Brother Richard(1902-1989)survives two torpedo attacks, serves in Murmansk convoys and in Allied landings in Normandy.

1961 Eric(1896-2000)becomes joint founder of charitable trust in Australia.
1975 Storm Recruitment Ltd founded by Roy.
1989 Arnold, past Commodore of Whitby Yacht Club, publishes 'In a Teacup'.
1991 A Family and Maritime Community thesis published by Alan for his D.Phil.
1991 Rachel publishes her first book, 'In Search of Heaven on Earth'.
1992 Mears Ashby village bells ring for Janet's(1892-1994) 100th birthday.
1993 Publication of 'Storm & Co' by Alan.
1999 Graeme wins Amateur Golf Chamionship and plays for the Walker Cup team against the USA - and wins.



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