I based the Cheetah on the famous Daystate LR90. The action is shortened and extensively re-tuned with a completely reworked trigger. When fitted into the specially designed hand crafted stock, the result is a fast-handling, lightweight hunting rifle with unsurpassed field performance. The manageable weight and compactness of the Cheetah allows it to be carried all day over rough terrain with minimum effort.

Stalker CHEETAH Specification

Pre- charged Pneumatic action 2,500 psi,(170bar) charge. Extensive tuning including short stroking for maximum shot to shot consistency.

.177/.22/.25 calibres, match barrels with hand lapped rifling.

60 shots per charge in .22, 50 shots in .177 at 12 ft.lb.

Weight 5.5lb. Length 30.5in.

Grade 2 walnut thumbhole stock oiled hand finish, Wegu adjustable butt pad. Hand finished brass trigger and breech bolt. Blued steel barrel and action. Accuracy better than .375in. grouping at 40yd. using Crosman Premier pellets.

Power adjuster fitted as standard equipment, power 12ft.lb. Upto 30ft.lb in .22/.25 & 18ft.lb in .177 for FAC holders .

Price List

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