Survey Results!!

It took a while but I finally got my aaassss in gear and assembled all the survey results. Cheers to the 38 of you who filled it out. I understand why Butch refers to us fans as "freaks and weirdos" now ;)

The Results:
Quite predictably, most of you started liking Garbage the same year as you first heard of them. The most popular year was 1995 (11), followed by 1996 (9) and 1994 (7). Then there was a couple of people who first heard the band in 1994 but didn't start liking them until 1998... what can I say? You missed out on a great couple of years!

24 of you couldn't decide which album you liked better, 9 like Version 2.0 better and only 5 prefer the first album!!

Seems like mostly only Garbage fanatics make it to my site, seeing as nearly half of you (15) have more than 10 singles. And I bet the 7 of you who've got no singles have all the b-sides as MP3s. Geeks ;P

Coincidentally (or maybe not so much so...) 15 of you have also spent over $200 feeding your obsession and only 1 person has spent absolutely nada.

Other favourite bands results were pretty predictable as well: a little bit of Hole, a little bit of Smashing Pumpkins, a little bit of Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, Korn, PJ Harvey, Portishead, Tricky and, er, Def Leppard and Savage Garden. The 4 of you who wrote that you don't listen to anything other than Garbage might want to get out a bit more... And whoever put Sonic Youth, you rock.

12 poor souls have never seen the band live, 13 have seen them once, 6 have seen them twice and 7 of you have seen them 3 or more times. When asked to describe the experience in one word, your answers ranged from "amazing" to "crushed" to "unimaginable" to "SEX"... To the person who wrote "FuckingAmazing", I give you props for trying to invent a new word. Unfortunately, I can't say the same to whoever wrote "Mind-blowing and sweaty and hot"...

I used to have no friends who liked Garbage. Thankfully, that is not the case anymore. Actually, I hardly ever have to fight people with "clever" retorts such as "Garbage is garbage" anymore... And it seems like the rest of you don't have to either, as 31 people do have friends who like Garbage. For the 7 of you who don't, here's some ideas that have been tried and tested by your fellow Garbage fans on what to do when faced with people who insult the band: 2 people said they "kill them" and a third one wrote "take biiiig gun and make them go boom!", but that was a joke (as opposed to the other 2...). If that's not your cup of tea, you could always go for the "take-them-to- my-house-and-torture-them-with-Garbage-videos-b-sides-and-a-lot-of- talk-by-me-about-nothing-else-than-Garbage" approach. Or you could just look at them and smile because you know that "god loves Garbage and they will get what they ask for insulting Garbage"... Or how about this: "I start yelling at them and make them promise NEVER to say ANYTHING like that again and when they do I totally lose it and slap them over the face and chuck tissue boxes at them. I actually did this. He he..." Be afraid, be very afraid...

25 of you reckon that you have an unnatural obsession with the band and that the people around you have sort of spotted that too. 5 of you believe you're not obsessed, but you're friends think you are... and a bit oddly, another 5 of you think that you ARE obsessed but your friends DON'T think you are...

Then the 10 million dollar question: Which animal would you compare Shirley to and why? First off, to whoever wrote "I won't compare her to an animal. I don't think anyone should be compared to an animal", chill out, what's wrong with animals? ;) Moving swiftly onwards, the most popular comparisons were predictably cheetahs and lions and panthers and foxes (and yes, everyone who asked "vixen, get it?", I DID get it) One person suggested Shirl's like a siamese cat because "they can be nice one minute and fuck you up the next if you rub them the wrong way" so be careful when you, er, rub her. Someone else thought she reminded them of their dog Rosie. Mind you, that's "not because she's a bitch you understand"...

Finally, 22 of you admitted that you do have an abnormal affinity for pink fluffy things... The rest of you are just in denial ;)