they call themselves Garbage? who are these people?
some defining quotations...

Duke Erikson
"I guess I like to lighten things up as often as possible. We all look after one another. You have to be aware of how everyone's feeling at each different hour."
"All we talk about it sleep. It's like 'How did you sleep last night?' 'What was it with those beds?' 'God, weren't those pillows awful...'"

Shirley Manson
"I think being a geek is probably a good thing. I think it's about time the world embraced its geekiness and stopped trying to be cool. You have way more fun as a geek than as a cool person."
"I am a pop diva after all!"
"To all the critics who are going to write nasty things about me: KISS MY ARSE!"

Steve Marker
"I'm the annoying one that hopefully shakes things up now and then. Tends to get pretty upset. Behaves irrationally at times."
"As a kid, I thought 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' was pretty scary. All these drugged-up little dwarves running around."
"We don't want to do anything to be total commercial whores. We just want to be partial commercial whores. "

Butch Vig
"I'm very conscious about how people are feeling. If there's tension, if someone's pissed, I'm keenly aware."
"Left to our own devices, we'd be recording still."
"We ended up in this gay strip bar. It was full of men simulating blow jobs."