The following photographs give an insight into life in Bowdler – and around - in the early part of the last century.

We are indebted to Mr. John Grech who unearthed these images whilst carrying out unrelated research on WW1 pilots!


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St Andrews Ashford 1  

St Andrews Ashford 2

(both these images were taken before the collapse of the Chancel – tantalisingly, they don’t show that end of the church!)

Church House 1901

Church House Kitchen Garden 1901

Church House Group 1901

Church House circa 1904

Church House September 1907



Railway Bridge

Ashford cottage 01

Ashford cottage 02

Ashford Mill Weir


Bell at Ludford 1901

Broad Street 1901

Downton Rocks day trip

Ludford Bridge

Ludlow castle 1901