Trooper - 11th (Prince Albert Own) Hussars 1881

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The Hussars formed part of the Light Cavalry, which performed such functions as reconnaissance, skirmishing, harassing etc. when required.

The Hussar style of dress is said to have originated in Hungary. For all Hussar regiments it was very much the same, each regiment being recognised by the colour of the busby bag. The 11th, however, wore crimson overalls or breeches instead of the normal blue, and are always to be seen in any painting of the famous "Charge of the Light Brigade" at Balaclava in 1854. The regimental nickname of "The Cherry Pickers" was earned because the regiment were surprised and caught by the French cavalry whilst languishing in a cherry orchard during the Napoleonic Wars.

This model, shown dismounted on guard duty, is wearing the larger style busby before it was reduced in size in 1888. Hussars carried swords and carbines.


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