Trooper 14th (Kings) Light Dragoons 1860

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The regiment was originally formed in 1715, and was known as Dormers Dragoons. In 1751 they were officially called the 14th Dragoons, and in 1776 converted to the 14th Light Dragoons. In 1830, following a review by King William IV, they were given the honour of being re-named 14th (Kings) Light Dragoons.

Following the Crimea War, changes were made in cavalry dress, as they had been in infantry. The loose tunic replaced the coatee, and "booted" overalls were worn by all mounted troops. (With the exception of the Household Cavalry, who retained their tall jack boots). Light Dragoons wore the new Albert second pattern shako with a horse-hair plume, and five lines of frogging across the front of the tunic. (Hussars had six lines). After 1849 all cavalry wore two yellow stripes on their overalls. When Light Dragoons converted to Hussars in 1861, this regiment became 14th (Kings) Hussars.


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