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Still Eye-Catching After So Many Years The M6 Remains The Ultimate Driving Machine , 24valve Twin OHC , 286bhp Engine. Pearl Beige Leather InteriorPearl Beige Leather Interior
My 635Csi in zinnober red

6 Series Model Range & Production History

6 Series Model Range

Model Engine Max Power Top Speed 0-60 MPH Fuel Consumption
633CSi 3210cc SOHC I6 efi 197 bhp 133 mph 8.1 sec 20.6 mpg
635CSi ('80 - Jun '82) 3453cc SOHC I6 efi 218 bhp 138 mph 7.4 sec 17.5 mpg
628CSi 2788cc SOHC I6 efi 184 bhp 132 mph 8.5 sec 25.0 mpg
635CSi (post Jun '82) 3430cc SOHC I6 efi 218 bhp 142 mph 7.2 sec 21.6 mpg
M635CSi 3453cc DOHC I6 efi 286 bhp 158 mph 6.1 sec 17.0 mpg

6 Series Buyers Notes

  1. Front body work should be checked for stone-chips, rust & evidence of poorly repaired accident damage.
  2. Check that service indicator & warning indicators are working as they should.
  3. Check the fan coupling isn't seized, the Motronic air-flow sensor is working and that the head gasket is ok.
  4. Check that there is no black oil smoke, oil leaks on engine, clattering camshaft, noisy cam chain or worn valvegear.
  5. Check for worn propshaft bearing, perished hoses, collapsed offside engine mount ( and subsequent forward tilted engine block & misaligned air intake ).
  6. Worn or noisy manual gearbox bearings, stiff gearshift action, damaged propshaft/Gearbox couplings & loose or leaking diff.
  7. Check for worn steering box and broken mounting bracket to subframe.
  8. Collapsed front & rear subframe mounting bushes.

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