Multimedia Shows

There has been a great increase in interest during this year in the multi-media shows with music that we have been involved in devising and presenting. This year we have presented many more of these this year than in previous years. These were sometimes developed for our own folk club at the Royal Oak, Lewes, but we have been asked to take these to other clubs as well as folk festivals and the big world beyond the folk scene - literary festivals, woman's institutes and the like. We have never sought bookings for these shows before now, but we feel now that we ought at least to say what is available:-

Anyone interested in more details of these shows or of booking one for their own event should contact
Tina Smith on 01273 478124 or Email her
or write to
26 Ferrers Road,
East Sussex.
BN7 1 PZ

aotwA) SHIRLEY COLLINS PRESENTS "AMERICA OVER THE WATER" Shirley introduces her very successful book published in 2004 about her song-collecting trip through the southern states of the USA with Alan Lomax in 1959 with readings from the book and musical and visual illustrations of the trip. Shirley shares the presentation with the actor, Pip Barnes. A paperback edition of the book was published in 2006 and an Britain-wide Arts Council supported tour was being arranged to promote this

shirley B) SHIRLEY COLLINS PRESENTS "A MOST SUNSHINY DAY" Shirley shares her great love of English traditional music and song and in particular her love of the authentic music and song of Sussex. Her talk is illustrated with songs, music and a multi-media presentation. Shirley shares the presentation with the actor, Pip Barnes.

bob lewis C) BOB LEWIS PRESENTS "SONGS WE USED TO SING" Bob is noted one of England's finest traditional singers and has had a busy year at festivals in England and the USA. However, he also has a great love of some of the songs that he feels that the song collectors ignored - "Cockles & Mussels", "Billy Boy", "The Old Rustic Bridge" and so on. His participatory workshop with images and words on the screen has provided some great singing occasions.

johnny D) JOHNNY DOUGHTY A long radio interview by Vic Smith from June 1984 with the much missed great singing Rye fisherman is presented with illustrations and Johnny singing many fine songs interspersed with his life story

gordon E) GORDON HALL Gordon was one of England's finest and most distinctive singers. This is a long radio interview with Vic Smith from March 1991 and has Gordon telling his life story which he intersperses with many of his fine songs. A slide show has been devised to illustrate the presentation.

bob copper F) BOB COPPER An interview with Bob dating back to 30th November 1970 just after Bob had written "A Song For Every Season" but before it was published. Bob is on great form and has all the information about his family at his fingertips as he had just finished researching the book. The interview lasts just over an hour and is illustrated by around a hundred slides of the people, places and events that he is talking about. I have some photos from the family that have not been seen before.

shirley G) SHIRLEY COLLINS - "I'M A ROMANY RAI" - ENGLISH GYPSIES & THEIR SONGS AND MUSIC This is the title of Shirley's newest multimedia show which was presented for the first time at the Tenterden Festival in October 2005 and has been been presented, as have all her shows at a number of the country's leading venues and festivals including the South Bank Centre in London