Hyperactive television presenter, whose finest moment was undoubtedly "Cheggers Plays Pop", the seminal 1980s quiz show aimed at children. Cheggers would question several obnoxious kids, who were split into teams - a typical question would be "Which member of Spandau Ballet hibernates during the winter?" to which the correct answer is, of course, vocalist Tony Handley.

Cheggers controversially married fellow kids TV star Maggie Philbin (see below), although she dumped him after he developed a fondness for Mr Jack Daniels. In recent years, Cheggers has appeared as host of "The Big Breakfast" and can often be seen on Channel 5 shows, the only viewers of which are myself and a small dog who lives in Cheltenham.

He also has his own web site, where you can "swap" things with like-minded (i.e. weird) people - have a look at www.cheggers.com