When you've partaken of the delights of this site, why not try the following links to places much more interesting...



Richard Amuzu's Welcome to the Dreaming (Hilarious pseudo-camp pastiche, complete with invaluable information regarding the purchase of hi-fi equipment and how to hit people in a clever fashion)

Russ and Phil's Arfing Website (Good advice on biscuits, and lots of very funny stories)

Simeon Beever's Postcard Page (Wins the Haven Award for the most boring web page currently in existence)



Doctor Who News Page (Updated on a regular basis)

The Official BBC Doctor Who Site (Very classy site with lots of information on merchandise)

Big Finish Audios (Makers of new officially-recognized Doctor Who audio dramas)

The Doctor Who Cuttings Archive (Scanned newspaper and magazine articles from 1963 to the present day)

Missing Episode Reconstructions (Non-profit making fan endeavour to reconstruct missing classic episodes)



Railtrack (Plan any train journey in the UK)

London Transport (Only really useful if you live in London!)



Ultimate Band List (Search engine which provides links for information on almost any performer you can think of)

Erasure Information Service (Not exactly up-to-the-minute, but interesting nonetheless)

Sparks Homepage (Point at Ron Mael's moustache and laugh)

Hysteria: The Unofficial Human League Website (Arguably the best League-related pages)



Airwolf Home Page (Relive those Saturday afternoons in front of the telly with Ernest Borgnine)

Hammer Horror Collector's Network (Containing good biographical information on Michael Ripper, one of this country's finest acting talents)

Internet Movie Data Base (The definitive site for finding out obscure details for almost any film ever made)

Monkey Magic (Everything you will ever conceivably need to know about this classic Japanese series from the early 1980s)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV Yellow Pages (Possibly the most useful page on the entire Web)

TV Cream (Entries for more or less every great TV show of the Seventies and Eighties, plus valuable information on the Children's Film Foundation movies)

The Unofficial Going for Gold Website (Greatest source of information on that lovable Irish rogue Henry Kelly)



Commodore 64 Emulator (Download the emulator for free and play Green Beret)

Commodore Zone (All the greatest games for the '64)

The Monkey Island SCUMM Bar (Lots of fun stuff based on the greatest series of computer games ever written)

Winfiles (Lots and lots and lots of free stuff)



Imperial War Museum (My "other" web page)

University College London (Another of my regular haunts)