Caving is a fascinating and unique adventure. While caves all have much in common, all are different. Individual cave systems have their own special characteristics often peculiar to the region in which
they occur. In Devon our caves are intricate and complicated, often muddy, but providing perfect introductory trips as well as more challenging routes
for the more experienced .Our caving staff are familiar with all the caving areas of Britain as well as many European sites. Their understanding and deep love of caves enables them to impart confidence to first time cavers, many of whom are often filled with
apprehension at the idea of exploring this alien environment. We are masters of turning negative feelings into a very positive and enjoyable experience.

Cavers on their way to the Meregill cave system on the slopes of Ingleborough.
The route from Chapel le Dale to Ingleborough in the Yorkshire Dales National Park weaves its way through some amazing karst landscape.


Caving well off site ...... in France.
Easy horizontal cave systems..... More advanced techniques. Accessing vertical pothole systems.


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