Dating Belleek China
Belleek Pottery - Marks
Generally, dating a piece of Belleek is fairly easy although there are a few things to look out for. 

Belleek tended to mark all of the Parian China and Earthenware which it produced and which was considered to be of "suitable quality", other pieces which are unmistakably Belleek have "escaped" from the Pottery without a mark being applied, these were usually pieces which had some sort of flaw, black dots (caused by impurities), a firing crack, or maybe the glaze was too thick giving the piece a greenish tint. 

The "traditional" mark consists of the Irish Wolfhound, Round Tower, and Harp with the word Belleek below in a ribbon edged with sprigs of Shamrocks. 

Most Belleek pieces can be marked in two ways either IMPRESSED or by use of a Transfer / Decal BACKSTAMP. Early baskets had IMPRESSED Parian strips applied to the base, later baskets carry a Parian pad with a BACKSTAMP Transfer / Decal applied. 

Impressed Marks 

Parian - Belleek, Belleek Co. Fermanagh, Belleek (R) Ireland, 1st period Mark  
                impressed (Irish Wolfhound, Round Tower, and Harp with the word  
                Belleek below in a ribbon edged with sprigs of Shamrocks). 

Earthenware - Harp / Crown Harp. 

Transfer / Decal (Backstamp) Marks 

Parian - Backstamp marks (as illustrated below) 
              - Special Belleek Collectors Marks 
              - Special commissioned & event marks 
              - Special marks for plates e.g. Christmas, St. Patrick, Captains etc. 

Earthenware - 1st & 2nd Transfer / Decal marks in various colours (can be 
                            used with impressed Harp / Crown Harp). 

The information given below should allow you to identify Belleek carrying Transfer / Decal marks (as illustrated). 

Please note that at present this page is NOT complete.
Other marks exist which are NOT illustrated ! 
Belleek Marks
1st period - Black Mark
2nd period - Black Mark
3rd period - Black Mark
4th period - Green Mark
5th period - Green Mark
6th period - Green Mark
7th period Gold/Brown Mark
8th period - 1st Blue Mark
Eighth Mark (2nd Blue)
Jan 1997 - Dec 1999 ?
140th Anniversary (1857-1997)
There will be a new mark to celebrate the new Millennium - details unknown !!!!.
Belleek Collectors Society Marks
Collectors Piece Marks
Based on 6th Mark
7th Period - Collectors Society Mark
1980 - 1992
Based on 7th Mark
Based on 8th (1st Blue) Mark
8th Period - Collectors Society Mark
1997 & 1998
(140th Anniversary)
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Dating Belleek Baskets
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