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The Northern Ireland Belleek Collectors' Group was founded in 1991 when it held its first meeting at the Glengannon Hotel (Dungannon) with the support and encouragement of The Belleek Pottery.

The group consists of people from all walks of life who are members of the Belleek Collectors' International Society and who wanted to get together on a regular basis to talk about all things associated with Belleek.

Evening meetings are held every three months (usually March, June, September and December). The venues and day of the week are varied to suit members.

Many meetings have been held over the years around Northern Ireland including, Cultra (near Holywood), Dungannon, Belleek Pottery, Lisburn, Hillsborough, Antrim, Newry, Enniskillen, Omagh etc.

The Annual Dinner is held in June, which is also attended by management and staff from the Pottery. The staff tell us how things are going at the Pottery and of plans for the future.

Each year one member of the N.I. Group is presented with a beautiful piece of Belleek at the June dinner as the "Devotee of the Year" in recognition of their enthusiasm about Belleek.

Occasional trips, on a Belleek theme, are organised at various times of the year e.g. visit to the National Museum in Dublin to view their large Belleek Collection; a visit to the Belleek Pottery for an extended tour of the production facilities; visits to the Cultra and Enniskillen Museums.

Members receive a copy of the minutes of each meeting giving details of what was discussed, any new information received and what is being planned for the future.

The Northern Ireland Belleek Collectors' Group is a local branch of the world-wide Belleek Collectors' International Society.

The Northern Ireland
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