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Border Patrol 300B SE Amp - Click for larger image

SE 300B stereo amplifier


The BorderPatrol 300B SE is a state-of-the-art single-ended power amplifier.

The critically acclaimed  BorderPatrol 300B SE is a state-of-the-art single-ended power amplifier and the first that lets you enjoy the tonality, resolution and integration of single-ended triode operation without the usual Achilles heels of poor bass performance and lack of composure.  
Clear, fluid and strong, the amplifier presents a beautiful musical insight with natural tone and effortless dynamics.

'Passion, grace and fire.' 
                        Jason Kennedy Hi-Fi Choice Jan 99 - EDITORS CHOICE

'Uncommonly capable single-ended design with less colouration and more grunt than any of the alternatives- resolution guaranteed.' 
                        Jason Kennedy Hi-Fi Choice Jan 99 - EDITORS CHOICE

' ....., I went back to my transistors. ....there was a congested quality, as though the system had picked up sinusitis.'
Paul Messenger Hi-Fi Choice Jan 98

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Clear and fluid with effortless dynamics and assured bass the amplifier presents an unambiguous musical insight with natural tonality and believable scale.

Design Features:

All triode, single-ended, zero negative feedback circuit.
Inter-stage driver transformers.
Fully hard-wired.
External power supply containing 3 independent valve rectified choke input filter power supplies.
Elegant sculpted wood audio chassis.
High performance output transformers.
Hovland polypropylene film and foil coupling capacitors.
Cerafine electrolytic power supply capacitors.



Power output: 9W /channel.
Input sensitivity: 55mV/1W, 200mV RMS to full output.
Frequency response: +/-3dB 8Hz-55kHz.
Input voltages: 0-220-230-240V or 0-110-115-120V.
Dimensions:  Audio chassis 430 x 330 x 220mm. 
                    Power supply  345 x 220 x145mm.
Weight: Audio Chassis 17kg. Power Supply 16kg.



300B SE with JJ Tesla Electronics output valves 3995
300B SE with Western Electric output valves 4495

Check out the glowing review for the Border Patrol 300B SE Amplifier by Jason Kennedy in Hi-Fi Choice Magazine.


Audition a BorderPatrol 300B SE and experience single-ended amplification without compromise.

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