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b o r d e r p a t r o l

Border Patrol PSU
outboard power supply

SJS: "Available from SJS Electroacoustics, either with or without being fitted to your amplifier. Many purchasers have commented that the improvement goes way beyond the sub 600 cost, and removes most of the failings that they thought were part of all valve amplifiers. The biggest benefits are in clarity, definition and an huge improvement in dynamics. The music no longer falls apart with complex passages, but remains clear and controlled. All this is achieved without loosing the midrange colour, life and drama that most of us relish from valve amplifiers. This upgrade is heartily recommended."

A valve rectified choke input filter power supply unit

Replaces the on-board H.T. supply in valve amplifiers

The existing on-board mains transformer is retained to provide the filament voltages

Easy to install and use

Provides a stable foundation for the music

Improves dynamics, clarity, soundstage, bass definition and depth

Dramatically reduces transient compression

For more information check out the white paper and review: BP White Paper PSU Review  

Typical applications:

Class A/AB EL34/6L6/5881 push-pull or single-ended amplifiers (1 or 2 tubes per channel, fixed or cathode bias). e.g. Audio Innovations Series 500/700/800/1000, Art Audio Quintet, Audio Note Soro/P2SE, Leak TL12 plus.

Class A 2A3 push-pull or single ended amplifiers (1 or 2 tubes per channel, cathode bias). e.g. Audio Innovations 1st Audio Amplifier.

Class A 300B single ended stereo or mono-block (1 tube per channel fixed or cathode bias). (If each 300B is run in a 60mA condition then 1 PSU could supply a stereo push-pull or a stereo parallel 300B circuit but generally 300B's are run at a higher current and therefore 2 PSU's would be required). e.g. Audio Note Quest, Conquest, Conqueror.

Class A EL84 push-pull or single-ended amplifiers (1 or 2 tubes per channel, cathode bias). e.g. Audio Note OTO/P1SE, Leak Stereo 20, Leak TL12.

Mono-block versions of the above, where the total current draw exceeds 250mA, would require 2 PSU's. The PSU works with any valve amplifier that operates at close to the three output voltages and pulls up to 250mA.

NEW ! The Super New MB Version

Even more Bang For The Buck. If the standard version is like fuel injection the MB is a Bi-Turbo. Available now at only 995


Output Voltages: (internally selectable) 320V, 380V, 420V.
Max Current: 250mA.


Dimensions: 345 x 220 x145mm
Shipping weight: 13kg.


UK Retail Price: (inc UK VAT) 595.00

For more detailed information on the design ethos behind the Border Patrol outboard power supply, check out the BP White Paper

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