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Don't Build It Yourself: The Components

Not every music and hi-fi enthusiast wants to build any, or all of the equipment in their system. This means we are all searching for musically rewarding components which work well together to give true high fidelity without breaking the bank.

At SJS we hope to offer a selected range of finished components whic will delivery tremendous performance and exceptional value for money. All components are personally selected to offer the correct sonic balance and value for money. We would be ahppy to supply any of the products below. Please get in touch if you want any further information.

We current offer:

SJS Arcadia Triode Amplifiers. Ultimate Performance from Single Ended Triodes

SJS Arcadia Line Level Preamplifiers. Zero feedback Triode Line Amps. SOLD OUT new design coming soon.
See the HiFi Choice Review (890K gif)

SJS Arcadia MM Phono stage. Coming Spring 2001

Border Patrol PSU. The ultimate upgrade to your existing valve power amplifier

Border Patrol Power Amplifier. The best value for money SE 300B amp available, period.

Living Voice Auditorium Loudspeakers. Spectacular performance without breaking the bank

Living Voice Avatar Loudspeakers. Ultra performance version of the Auditorium

The Cartridge Man Moving Iron Cartridge. You need to own one to believe it. MM level output, top sonics! See the HiFi World Review (850K gif)