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SJS: "Finally a pair of affordable loudspeakers with a good sensitivity, fine integration and scale. The Living Voice Auditorium comes from the same outfit who make some whole outrageous horn loudspeakers retailing in the many thousands of pounds category. The Auditorium is a fabulous attempt to bring a taste of the scale and dynamics of this system into a wholly domestic and affordable package. They produce a large scale dynamic and tonally exciting picture which majors on the music in a way that most similar priced loudspeakers can only dream off. They have been designed with valve amplifiers primarily in mind, resulting in a bass alignment which works with SE and PP valve amps. Their high sensitivity means that good levels of musical performance can be achieved from single figure power output valve amplifiers."

 Living Voice Loudspeakers

Living Voice have been manufacturing hand built loudspeakers for over ten years. During this time we have received considerable acclaim from numerous audio publications including three ‘Best Buy’ awards. Our reputation is at its strongest amongst the high end fraternity, where our 30k Airscout RW24 horn system has set tongues wagging world wide :–

"Fantastic, addictive and totally engrossing. Don’t expect to find a better speaker system’’ Hi-Fi Choice / UK

"Surely in a class of their own’’ What Hi-Fi / UK

"An overwhelming experience’’ Hi-Fi and Sound / Greece

"The result is staggering’’ Music and Sound / Russia

"I don’t know what it is but there is some real magic here’’ Valve / USA

This magic can be found in abundance in our Year 2000 Auditorium Series. The result of three years exhaustive development, the Auditorium Series comprises three D’appolito designs. Simple, elegant book-matched cabinets house performance that exceeds the expectations of the most discerning music lover. Increasing refinement and sophistication as you move through the range gives each model benchmark performance well beyond its respective price point.

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Auditorium 1700 per pair

94 dB/w, 6 ohms. Components matched to 2 decimal places, isolated crossover, fully hard wired, hand wound air core inductors, LC wiring harness, silver solder terminations, mutually orthogonal component placement.

Available finishes:
Maple, Cherry: 1700 per pair.

Auditorium Avatar 2700 per pair

94 dB/w, 6 ohms. Specification as above but includes: - Scanspeak D950000 high frequency unit, powerful kilo magnet system on Vifa bass/mid drivers, Hovland film and foil Musicap capacitors, Clarostat non inductive wire-wound resistors, star earthing, impedance correction filters, inert low mass plinth.

Available finishes:
Maple, Cherry: 2700.00 per pair.
Red Santos Rosewood, Natural Rosewood: 2800.00 per pair.

Auditorium Avatar OBX-R 4000 per pair

94dB/w, 6 ohms. Specification as above but includes: - Outboard crossover fully suspended in two discrete non-metallic cases, idealised filter spacing, ultimate component quality, Scanspeak Revalator D990000 high frequency unit, triple braced cabinet.

Available finishes:
Maple, Cherry: 4000.00 per pair.  
Red Santos Rosewood, Natural Rosewood: 4100.00 per pair.
Yew, Ebony: 4200.00 per pair.


Cabinet finishes - subject to availability.

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