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Greetings and welcome to the global forestry link in the North East of Scotland.

Vision Forestry - the company with big ideas!

Vision Forestry is run by Nick Ananin, a forestry graduate from the University of Aberdeen and a Chartered Forester who has specialised in solving technical problems. These have included designing specialist equipment for planting on farmland and solving access problems for the disabled. Current activities are based on managing forestry estates for owners principally with the aid of Forestry Authority grants and providing practical forestry advice. Nick has also been involved locally with a Scottish utility company in strategic and technical development of tree management along wayleaves with a view to improving safety and enhancing the environment.

Nick is firmly committed to promoting forestry at every level. This includes promotion on the Internet - web design and management and managing forestry mailing lists. Nick is Webmaster and otherwise involved in the following organisations:

Nick also believes in running his business on a strict code of ethics and endorses the concept of networking. He is also a member of a number of other organisations:

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