..Chat Lexicon..

short form explanation
:-O hbtu o-: we all singing': Happy birthday to ...
===~~~ ich geh jetzt eine Rauchen (tuvm Andrea, aber ziemlich ungesund oder ;-) )
@->-->--- Ich schenk' Dir eine Rose (tuvm Andrea)
{8[=] sender is a monster that will eats you ...
2d to delete
2d4 to die for
2g4u too good for you
2l8 too late
3n nie, niemals, nirgendwo
4e forever
4yeo for your eyes only
4uo for you only
aak asleep at keyboard
adAadS aus den Augen aus dem Sinn
adn any day now
afaik as far as I know
afk away from the keyboard
aGa aus gegebenen Anlaß
aisi as I see it
aiui as I understand it
aka also known as
alol actually laughing out loud
aml all my love
As Ansichtssache
asap as soon as possible
a/s/l age/sex/location (tuvm Thorsten)
at always tomorrow
atm at the moment
atw at the weekend
awgthtgtata Are we going to have to go through all this again
awhfy Are we having fun yet?
awl (awol) absent without leave
ayor at your own risk
b4 before
bb4e bye bye for ever
bb bye bye
bbb bye bye baby
BbB Bis bald Baby
bbfallt bye bye for a long long time
bbfn bye bye for now
bbiab be back in a bit
bbl be back later
bbsl be back sooner or later
bcdhm be careful, don't hurt me
bcnu be seein' you
bd bis dann
BF Blödfrau
bg bis gestern
bh blockhead
bhb bis hoffentlich bald
biepM bis in ein paar Monaten
bion believe it or not
bl bitte lächeln
BM Blödmann
bm bis morgen
bmhwb be my hot-water bottle
bmor be mine or run
bnscd but now something completely different
brb be right back (tuvm Jens)
bs bis später
btobd be there or be dead
btw by the way
buem bis übermorgen
bukt(a) but you knew that (already)
bwai bis wann auch immer
Bwd Bin wieder da (tuvm Sonja)
BwD Bin wieder Daheim (tuvm Sonja)
bznFt bis zum nächsten Friseurtermin
ciao ital. bye bye
cb Ciao Bella/Bello
cf constant fury
cibm? could it be magic?
cm call me
cmiiw correct me if I'm wrong
cmm change(d) my mind
cnrbe could never resist blue eyes
cofr cry out for revenge
cpf can pigs fly?
cs como siempre
cu see you
cuial see you in another life
cul, cyl
see you later
(tuvm Andre for this version)
cum change your mind
cus see you soon (tuvm Olly)
cut see you tomorrow
cuttl crawling under the table laughing (tuvm Olly)
dae dreams are empty
dak dead at keyboard
DaM Denk an Murphy (tuvm Sonja)
DbeL Du bist ein Lügner
dddg dumm, dumm, dumm gelaufen (tuvm Sonja)
diik damned if I know
DK Dummkopf
dk don't know
dlg devilish little grin
dlmbm don't let me be misunderstood
dluvm(t) don't like you very much (today)
Dn DU nervst
dnf da nicht für (spez. für Osnabrücker)
dom dirty old man
dpwm don't play with me
dsh desperately seeking help
dtrt do the right thing
dur? Do you remember?
duswic do you see what I see
dg dumm gelaufen
dwbh don't worry be happy
dwim do what I mean
dwimnwis do what I mean, not what I say
E2EG ear to ear grin
eidU erwarte immer das Unmögliche
eod end of discussion
eol end of lecture
F? Freunde ?
F2F face to face
fawc for anyone who cares
FDROTFL falling down, rolling on the floor laughing
FF Fiel Fergnügen (tuvm James)
fg falsch gedacht
FiB Flugzeuge im Bauch
flch feels like coming home
fmm fresh my mind
FN Feliz Navidad
foac fall over and cry
FoF Freund oder Feind
FOTCL falling off the chair laughing
ftl faster than light
fud fear, uncertainty and doubt
fwiw for what it's worth
fya for your amusement
fye for your entertainment
fyi for your information
FW Frohe Weihnachten
g grin (usually typed <g>)
ga go ahead
gaga go amused, go amazed
galgal give a little, get a little
GB! Genau, Baby! (esp. f. Thomas)
gbh great big hug
gf good feelings
ggg ganzgrossgrins (tuvm Sam)
giE ganz im Ernst
gigo garbage in, garbage out
giwist Grrr, I wish I'd said that
glgh good luck and good hunting
gliw got lost in web
gngn "geht nicht" gib's nicht
gok God only knows
gooml get out of my life
gowi go on with it
gr8 great
GR Guten Rutsch
GuK Gruß und Kuß
gzT geh' zum Teufel!
h2cus hope to see you soon
hak hugs and kisses
halatnm have a look at the next mail (tuvm Olly)
hand have a nice day
hant have a nice time
hd halte durch
hddMa heul doch den Mond an
hih hope it helps
hhoj Ha Ha only joking
hsik how should I know
hth hope that helps!
huh hate you, honey
humm hope you miss me
hummb hope you miss my beasties
hf have fun
iaal I am a lawyer
iac in any case
iAmiDn im Augenblick mag ich dich noch
ianal I am not a lawyer
Ibnb Ich bin nicht blöd!
ic I see (tuvm Jens)
icocbw I could of course be wrong
idbi I don't believe it
idk I don't know
idts I don't think so
Igtp I got the power
iha ich H A S S E Abkürzungen
I H A T E Abbreviations
IhDl Ich hab Dich lieb (tuvm Sonja)
ihkBm ich hab keinen Bock mehr (tuvm Ingo)
ihu I hate you
iim irren ist männlich
iitrt it is the right time
iituwimiwhtku if I tell you what it means, I will have to kill you
iituwimwubmad if I tell you what it means, will you buy me a drink?
il2sus I like to see you speechless
IlD Ich liebe Dich (tuvm Sonja)
ilu ??? (never used, we only need ihu)
imho in my humble opinion
imi I mean it
imnsho in my not so humble opinion
impov in my point of view
iow in other words
irl in real life
isbt It's strange but true
isDinL ich sehe Dich im nächsten Leben
ishbab I should have bought a book
itsfwi if the shoe fits, wear it
iuswim if you see what I mean
iwbDgb ich warte bis Du groß bist
iwbni it would be nice if
j4f just for fun
j4i just for information
jad just another day
jam just a minute
jas just a second
just another story
jaua just another useless answer
jj just joking
jon jetzt oder nie
kc keep cool
kgw komme gleich wieder
khuf Know how you feel
kiss keep it simple, stupid
kK kein Kommentar
KK Krach und Kaos (tuvm Britta)
Kluges Kerlchen
kLm keine Lust mehr (tuvm Ingo)
kms killing me softly
KoZ Kopf oder Zahl?
kSf können Schweine fliegen
kv kannste vergessen
kw kann weg
kwim? Know what I mean?
l8r later
lamacmc look at me and see me crying
ldvH lies das verdammte Handbuch
lG liebe Grüße
lg lovely greetings
LL&P Live long and in prosper
(tuvm Chakotay@pop-frankfurt.com)
lmao Laughing my Ass Off
lmiF laß mich in Frieden
lol laughing out loud
ltab lieber tot als blöd
ltns long time no see (tuvm Nauth)
luta let us talk again
LZ Lebenszeichen (von/für Thomas)
MC Merry Christmas
MCaahny Merry Christmas and a happy new year
mcibtu my computer is better than yours
mfG mit freundlichen Grüßen
mit feindlichen Grüßen (tuvm Sonja)
mg many greetings
mhdc (a) my hard disk crashed (again) (esp. for Jan)
mm mail me
mp my point!
mtfbwu may the force be with you
mu miss you
muuuhhh miss you very much
(the special version of the authors)
muvm miss you very much
mWn meines Wissens nach
mymb miss your morning beasties
n4e never for ever
na no access
nalopkt not a lot of people know that
nbbbha not-blonde but blue haired angel
nc no comment
ncnl new channel new luck (tuvm Olly)
nehw no enjoyment, hard work
nes never ending story
nino no input, no output
nN nichts Neues
nn nothing new
no4c not only for cows (see also: mu, ...)
np no problem
nrn no reply necessary
nrp no reply, please
nsn never say never
nt no trust
ntdwbe never trust devils with blue eyes
nth no therapy helpful
nu need you
nwo no way out
o4u only for you
oic oh, I see
onna Oh no, not again
onnta Oh no, not this again
oo over and out
oosoom out of sight, out of mind
otoh on the other hand
otw2h* on the way to heaven
otw2h^^ on the way to hell
pc private chat (tuvm Jens)
piaS play it again Sam
pmigbom put mind in gear before opening mouth
pov point of view
PP persönliches Pech
pwduc's people who don't use computers
pwuhL paßt, wackelt und hat Luft (tuvm Ingo)
pyabtrl put your ass back to real life (tuvm Olly)
QG Quälgeist
QK Quatschkopf
QmS Quatsch mit Sauce
raebnc read and enjoyed, but no comment
rip rest in peace
rfdI reif für die Insel
rl real life
rlad read, laugh and die
rotfl rolling on the floor laughing (tuvm Olly)
rotflmao rolling on the floor laughing my ass off (tuvm Olly)
rtdm read the damned manual
rtwfq read the whole f**** question
ruok are you ok?
RK Retour-Kutsche
sc stay cool
scnr sorry, could not resist
sdedg schön das es Dich gibt
sed said enough Darling
sfete Smiling from ear to ear
Sfh Schluß für heute
SFMJI Sorry for my jumping in (tuvm Tobi))
SHR Süßholzraspler
sitd still in the dark
SKWmDBb Spinnen, Kröten Würmer mögen Dein Bett besiedeln
slfn so long for now
smd sei meine Diät
SminAK Schau mir in die Augen Kleines
smn schlag mich nicht
SmPb Sei mein Punchingball
snief sender needs immediately example for ...
snn sag niemals nie
snu sender needs you
sol sooner or later

shit out (of) luck
(the American Version, tuvm to d_watson)

SSSL&P Sleep sweet strong long and in prosper
(tuvm Chakotay@pop-frankfurt.com)
swht sweet heart
SP Sendepause
t+ think positive
tabyas thinking all but you are stupid?
taf that's all folks
tafn, ta4n that's all for now
tanj there ain't no justice
tcb trouble came back
tcs take care sweetheart
tD Tu Du's (tuvm Sonja)
TD Trau Dich
tfs three finger salute (CTRL-ALT-DEL)
tgif thanks god its Friday
tia thanks in advance
tig this is great (tuvm to Virginia)
time tears in my eyes
tinwis that is not what I said
TkMüW Trau keinem Mann übern Weg (tuvm Sonja)
TkFüW Trau keiner Frau übern Weg (tuvm Sonja)
tld the little devil
tmg tu me gusta
tms touch my soul
tnDP traue nie Deinem PC
ToT Total oberaffengeile Tussie (tuvm Sonja)
touwg turn off your wicked games
toy thinking of you
trdmc tears running down my cheeks
tsr totally stupid rules (esp. for Pedro)
TT Tussi Terminator
tt till tomorrow
tttac the times they are changing
ttyl (t2ul) talk to you later
tuvm thank you very much
tf total fies
twiu that's what I understand
uad you are drunk
uasv you are so vain
ubd user brain damage
udum you don't understand me
ummc you make me crazy
unast you need a special training
uok? are you ok?
uU unter Umständen
uwc you will see
uwwi und was weiss ich
vaT völlig anderes Thema
w4u waiting for you
waef when all else fails
WasA Warte auf schnelle Antwort
wbigb warte bis ich groß bin
WC wohl caum ;-) (tuvm Hilke)
WE Wochenende!!!
Week End!
Wii? Wieso immer ich? (tuvm Sonja)
wisp winning is so pleasureable
wk who knows
wisky why I should kill you
wkisbs wie konnte ich so blöd sein
wmrs write me real soon
wsitu? why shall I trust you?
wt without thinking
wttm without thinking too much
wuwh wish you were here
ww wer weiß
X! Typisch FRAU
typically female
Y! Typisch MANN!
typically male
yafiygi you ask for it, you got it
zbV zum besonderen Vergnügen
zK zum Kotzen
zlZ zärtlich liebevolle Zuwendung
ZuP Zuckerbrot und Peitsche
zZ zur Zeit
2bctnd to be continued


created by Ulrike Klopp and Jan Rimmek