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Matching bridge and T match for 10 - 160m

Berrow Specialist 1.5W CW DC TCVR for any band 20 - 80m


Small DSB 1.5W phone transceiver for 80m

Brue Builder friendly 1.5W CW TCVR for 80m
Dig Sig Gen Digital Signal Generator
3D Counter Low cost three digit KHz readout

5D Counter

Five digit frequency readout

FiveFET Simple Regen TRF for medium wave and 40m


10 Watt RF amplifier for all nominal 1.5W rigs

Lydford 5 Watt SSB phone TCVR for any single band 20 - 80m
Mark Three band Regen TRF RX
Marsh Three band Direct Conversion RX - normally 20, 30 and 40m
Mells Three band 1.5W CW TX for Mark or Marsh

Mini mix

Mixer kit for VFO schemes or as receive converter

Mini AGC Provides AGC facilities for rigs having only manual AF gain control
Mini CW Adds CW facilities to an existing phone only TCVR
Minster TCVR Single band (20 - 80m) or multiband (10 - 160m) TCVR

Speech processor

Boosts average signal level under difficult conditions

Two Tone oscillator

Provides audio tones for setting up SSB rig

Wick Very simple phone DSB TCVR for 80m normally
Yeo Entry level DC RX, any single band 20 to 80m

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