The Teletext Rantings of WALOC's Editor
For those of you able to get Central Television's Teletext Service - Apologies.

For everyone else - earlier in the season I (along with other fanzine editors) was approached to provide weekly copy for Page 178 on Teletext. I have decided to reproduce them on the Web.
(please bear in mind I only have 80 words each week in order to get my point across).

Season 1998/98

Piece Number 9

Thursday 8th October

Is it just the Wembley hangover? Or something more? I have to admit to being a bit worried when our manager starts talking about "lack of quality", for goodness sake it was him that brought this side together. Or is this just a way of him trying to get his hands on the money we are reported to have made from the West Ham games? As the season started to get back on track we suffered the double blow of losing Hunter and Spedding. We need them!

Piece Number 8

Thursday 1st October

Iím Angry. No, not because my piece didnít appear last week. Iím angry because the supporters have been stabbed in the back by the Board. Following our great win over West Ham, we drew Tottenham in the next round. The Board see an opportunity to further fleece the fans by increasing prices by a minimum of 33%. As if the £300,000 we reportedly made in the last round isnít enough. The Board should be warned - Loyalty is a two way street.

Piece Number 7

Thursday 24th September

What an amazing defensive performance at Upton Park. I had to watch it on TV, I had left it too late to get a ticket, and could only marvel from afar at the sterling work Sampson, Warburton and Hill. And as for Woody in goal. His save just before half-time was out of the top drawer. Who do we want to draw in the next round of the Worthington Cup? Ö. United at home of course. Cambridge United that is.

Piece Number 6

Thursday 17th September

I believe the irony that I tried to convey last week failed to come across. After Tuesday night Iím glad it didnít. What a fantastic performance against West Ham. A few times in recent seasons weíve come under the TV spotlight and failed miserably, Tuesday night was so different. A performance of passion, commitment and skill saw off a West Ham side that clearly had looked at the League tables and come for a stroll. Upton Park here we come!

Piece Number 5

Thursday 10th September

Crisis? What Crisis? OK so we hadnít won until Tuesday, but no-one had any real doubts that the Cobblers would bounce back and what better place to start than a place we traditionally get very little, Gillingham. Now watch us zoom up that table and overtake Al Fayed FC. All those gloom and doom merchants after the Lincoln game must be eating their words. (All the above written firmly tongue in cheek by the way!)

Piece Number 4

Thursday 3rd September

After Monday nightís showing against Lincoln I am extremely worried how this season is to progress. Except for one brief moment when Ö. Shock horror! we passed the ball along the ground and mesmerised a Lincoln defence that had got accustomed to gazing into the night sky for the ball, we had but one tactic - hit it high and long. If thatís whatís on offer this coming Saturday - I, for one, am not going to Blackpool.

Piece Number 3

Thursday 27th August

no article submitted 20th August Just who runs football? The FA? The Football League? Or the Police? Last week against Notts County, on the Thursday the police informed the club that the game must be all ticket with no tickets available on the day. The press were informed. On Friday night the police changed their minds. But too late for the media to know. The crowd, 6141. It was a pleasant day - how many were put off going because they couldnít get a ticket on the day?

Piece Number 2

Thursday 13th August

A crisis has hit the club already, this early in the season. No. Iím not referring to Ian Atkins search for ANOTHER central defender, but the lack of pies thus far this season. Words of warning for away fans - bring your own nosh!

With Notts County next up at Sixfields it is quite appropriate that their fanzine is called No More Pie In The Sky, perhaps they could rename it for our fixture as "No More Pie in the South Stand".

Piece Number 1

Thursday 6th August

Next season? How do we follow the last two? Promoted via the play-offs and then a play-off final. Our expectations last year were for consolidation, but after our achievements the pressure will be on to at least emulate last season. I expect this season to be harder than last year. There are the three very good sides relegated from Division One. And moneybags Fulham will no doubt feature, plus Bristol Rovers. One thing is for certain though, no-one will relish playing us.

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