Destiny Web - Lyrics

Destiny Web - Lyrics

The lyrics to all Destiny's Child offical UK releases. You can save the files to view off line or save them as text.

Sit tight!, hopefully we can get the rest of the new album lyrics uploaded before its release!!.
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"The Writing's On The Wall"
1.Intro (The Writings On The Wall)
2.So Good
3.Bills, Bills, Bills
5.Confessions (featuring Missy Elliot)
7.Now That She's Gone
8.Where'd You Go?
9.Hey Ladies
10.If You Leave (featuring Next)
11.Jumpin, Jumpin
12.Say My Name
13.She Can't Love You
15.Sweet Sixteen

"Destinys Child"
1.Second Nature
2.No, No, No Part 2 (featuring Wyclef Jean)
3.With Me Part 1 (featuring JD)
4.Tell Me
6.No, No, No Part 1
7.With Me Part II
(featuring Master P)
8.Show Me The Way
9.Killing Time
12.Sail On
13.My Time Has Come
14.Know That(Bonus Track)

"Bills Bills Bills"
1.Bills Bills Bills

"Get On The Bus"
1.Get On The Bus (featuring Timbaland)

"With Me" - CD1
1.With Me Part I (featuring JD)
2.With Me Part II (featuring Master P)
3.With Me (full crew main mix)
4.Second Nature
"With Me" - CD2

"No No No" - CD1
1.No No No Part II (featuring Wyclef Jean)
2.No No No Part I
3.Second Nature
4.You're The Only One
"No No No" - CD2