Crossword No 2

10                11           
12  13                      14   
15      16        17  18           
20        21            22       
23  24          25            26   
27                28           

Clues across
8Captain, perhaps, said to complain about the colour of a neighbour in the kitchen (6)
9Stone surrounds broken into by choice (8)
10Braced up and walked stiffly (8)
11Start training to go French and get higher (6)
12Vehicle available for hire in London suburb? (7,8)
15Old ballad: ĎExist with motiveí (7)
17Sailor turns his money over for a bird (7)
20Lifting device used by every artisan – even though he isnít a master craftsman (4,2,3,6)
23Stanís pal follows leader of Conservativeís dog (6)
25Waterfall is spoiler of view (8)
27Goose clinging to shipís hull (8)
28Fatal – unfortunate deal in outskirts of Derby (6)
Clues down
1Home found in north is French (4)
2Is lorry hit violently? (6)
3Bundle of sweet rye often found in churchyards (3,5)
4Behaviour of prisoner on channel (7)
5It is fixed to set star round (6)
6In soccer, this is the result when the first half is missed because the second half is too long! (4-4)
7Wise manís herb (4)
13English in the Navy held by rescue service? This will be the place for a fight! (5)
14For example, popping up around radiator is not on the level! (5)
16Caustic – like Alan, when disturbed (8)
18Height is right; latitude is wrong (8)
19Iced liquid?  Could be lager I see! (7)
21Violent umpire grabs first of icons and turns over church (6)
22A woman in America – or in India, perhaps (6)
24A small volume forced into an elliptical shape (4)
26Small room – and its occupant – could carry a charge (4)

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