Crossword No 3

11                12           
13  14        15  16               
17      18          19    20       
21            22    23        24   
25                26           

Clues across
1A weary garlic air spreads out in this vehicle (7,8)
9Excavators get their cards (6)
10Georgia votes about opening of theatres and dances (8)
11Rota I’d returned to artist.  It created some heat (8)
12Travelling in straight lines, story-teller runs round Newcastle (6)
13“Good health!”  “Thanks!” (6)
16State of panic caused by potentially fatal aeronautical incident (4-4)
17Sham coins thrown round first three characters in retinue (8)
19Seal needed for rice liquor stirred into G & T (6)
21German car (first class, but going backwards) in ancient kingdom (6)
22Grandfather clock? (3-5)
25Put sword away when she met nasty death (8)
26A plank carried by ship (6)
27Holiday accommodation with faded bankers picking up tab, perhaps (3,3,9)
Clues down
2Greek character gives exclamation of surprise when holding record (5)
3Lieutenant, crippled, arrests divine saboteur (7)
4Savings scheme suffers reversal, but it still has worth (5)
5Device to keep one away from smoking fags? (9-6)
6Getting batteries re-charged and starting a rebellion (9)
7Means to place battered tin on goals (7)
8French cordial could spell danger in Europe (9)
14Footwear placed under footwear about right as footwear for animal (9)
15Edward – hunt sab in mêlée – got tanned (9)
18Cat’s in a cradle coming up to make a piece to show off technique (7)
20Sneak away with underwear removed (4,3)
23Spanish fleet loses leader, gets wrecked.  What a tragedy! (5)
24Makes money and gives ear to directions (5)

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