Crossword No 7

11                12           
13  14        15          16       
17      18  19    20        21       
22            23    24        25   
26                27           

Clues across
1Gather fete is this annual church event (7,8)
9Like a threat or a widow? (6)
10Disturbed baker ate during this (in 28?) (3-5)
11Oriental jest about turbulent North Sea (8)
12Noises from sheep in broken-down stable (6)
13Archdeacon has the northern tailor confused; this should let in some fresh air! (10)
16Frozen diamonds; first of diamonds (4)
17 Verses – nothing of the French here! (4)
19Tie rag mats around beak (10)
22A symbol, we’re told, to transfer (6)
23Woman’s well-informed about latest trends; she’s of high rank (8)
26Fine cottage (ageless) is dismantled to provide pieces for throwing (8)
27A cash advance on board ship (6)
28Concerning newcomers to university: team leader has space for refectory (11,4)
Clues down
2Could be near a sphere of action (5)
3Tail van erroneously, showing bravery (7)
4Grass-like plant found in lake’s edge (5)
5They are expected to survive, according to Herbert Spencer (7)
6Poets working while their fellows are on strike?  (They hide the weapons) (9)
7Middle-easterner is almost real one (7)
8Separate soldiers on opening of tattoo; they could live here (9)
14Look inside with this, and finish nothing on range (9)
15Place animal upside down in reinforced plastic sheets (9)
18Drug squad’s dog with a cold? (7)
20Element is all I put in mucilage (7)
21Sheep-stealer making a noise like dried leaves? (7)
24Sketched whilst being pulled along (5)
25Short picture (nothing more) reveals last stage in insect’s development (5)

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