Crossword No 8

11              12             
13    14      15    16             
17        18                     
19                  20         
21            22  23        24     
25          26                 

Clues across
9Essential to put excess (with something unknown missing) in tangled yarn (9)
10I care about heather (5)
11Bind badly around oar within ship’s hull (7)
12Doctor hummed – not hard! – and banged away (7)
13Innocent, I’m in part of church (5)
15Cheek that is about politician with deranged dunce (9)
17He shares your compartment and your political beliefs (6,9)
19Colonel, we’re told, has money we sent back with idiot (6,3)
20Twisted girder with end missing seen in earth thrown up by plough (5)
21Tell of net thrown loosely round motorist’s emergency service holding Rolls-Royce (7)
23American battleship caught in rain storm? No, it’s from the USSR (7)
25Turning machine made from two European articles (5)
26“Wed top sports medallists!” we’re told, and get a bouquet of these? (9)
Clues down
1Write your name if I am unable to do so, surrounded by leaders of Irish National Liberal Youth, ineffectually (15)
2Laundress who ironed while the strike was hot? (4)
3Paces awkwardly towards the east to get away (6)
4Ruthless bird, tail over head, caught in hat with inverted net (4-6)
5Deceased, we’re told, changed colour (4)
6Confuse feeble dud lacking energy – confuse with strong drink (8)
7Took to pieces – or took off cloak? (10)
8A cruel streak could be shared, shared with hospital department (4-11)
14Provide picture, adding lustre to tail, perhaps (10)
16Are they driven up the wall?  Or employed in the fracture clinic? (10)
18Edward, overcome by musical drama, made things work (8)
20Show acceptance again, and give up (6)
22Space mother?  That’s novel! (4)
24Appearing unemployed, beginner gets in a muddle with DIY (4)

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