Crossword No 9

11                  12         
13        14      15            16 
17    18        19  20        21     
22          23        24         
25              26             
27                  28         

Clues across
1Express: “Nothing gripped in vice” (5)
4Make most of a brick dropped in fat at start of evening (9)
9State: “A wrong giro, for example, is rejected” (7)
10A mother insect is unyielding (7)
11Broken-down blue Fiat seen around university?  It’s a pleasure to look at!  (9)
12Country where help returns to inn, mostly (5)
13Breathing-space?  No saint has one in outskirts of Rhyl! (7)
15Quiet!  Girl’s working in Irish airport (7)
17Checked the depth of noise with newspaperman (7)
20Shy ’tecs turn out cutters (7)
22Church in a country (5)
23A single motoring organisation, perhaps, provides relief from pain (9)
25Mineral is smooth or encrusted, initially (4,3)
26Levelling off at the end of the day? (7)
27Doctors are held in French boxes in places laid waste by enemy action (9)
28Greek character in the volunteers (5)
Clues down
1Wanderers mostly gave up a link (secretly, at first) (9)
2One flies high on rising current round first of beacons – data needed for weather map (7)
3American soldier turns up in the capsized crew (5)
4Afraid of fuel, far off? (7)
5American graduate swallows bird of prey and hunts (7)
6Unreal one?  Mary imbibing a drink! (9)
7Give up smoking a cigar with this? (7)
8Former spouse turns up picture – an addition to the collection (5)
14Ta-ra!  Doris can make these for our domestic comfort (9)
16Even this isn’t what it was! (9)
18Same costume? (7)
19Most expensive, darling! (7)
20Seen on the frozen lake – fish at edges of rushes (7)
21Angrily opposed to army on French island (7)
22Hundred sitting on branch?  This is what they did to get there (5)
24Weep and welcome (5)

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