Crossword No 28 (third series)

11        12                   
13  14        15      16    17       
18            19               
20      21            22  23    24   
25                26           
27            28               

Clues across
1Elaborate trimmings (hear the rustle!) seen as four times two?  Not quite (4-4)
6Ashore, maybe, with a sore throat? (6)
9Unfortunately, I dust nothing in the atelier (6)
10Fancied the wise men grabbed by Enid, upset (8)
11Doctor retains the old colourist (4)
12Vessel making fights trendy (10)
13Boss and speed controller (8)
16Plant with pungent smell is object of quest, chopped up before cooking commences (6)
18Rushed, the Commander-in-Chief goes wild (6)
19Located dust I ate in error (8)
20French film comedian appears in vision – someone important paying a call (10)
23Open mouth wide for fruit?  Not right! (4)
25Coming in, disturbed teen on phone (8)
26Bushy head of hair swept back on the Spanish glossy coat (6)
27Gold or silver, for example, sounds like spirit (6)
28Giving up, lie dying, perhaps (8)
Clues down
2Angry animal from Wind in the Willows (5)
3Endured having peace-keepers on river (9)
4Get lozenge from Greek character (doctor) (5)
5Single entry unit presented in a boring manner (15)
6Vehicle’s lamp confused boy, overwhelmed by height (9)
7A girl out of order (5)
8Kill bugs when broken tiles rise (9)
14Once round bed – that is doing what you’re told (9)
15Irene can’t cut up fruit (9)
17Bring up sentry – one to protect your back (9)
21Nitre’s spread around, being inactive (5)
22Female relative being pleasant around East (5)
24Public Relations even smooth ruffled feathers (5)

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