Crossword No 29 (third series)

10                11           
12            13               
14      15            16        17   
18  19        20      21    22       
23            24               
25                26           

Clues across
8Loose coins to be suspended in church (6)
9Alter a sincere rise in pay (8)
10Need to be in main part of castle?  This is rather shallow for a moat (4-4)
11Crumpled lining provides stiffness in plants (6)
12Hot stuff sounds cold (6)
13Shattering?  That’s great! (8)
14Equipment for better environment – and Cockney thatch treatment? (3-12)
18Mustn’t an anagram reveal this dare-devil? (8)
21Spanish princess loses a child (6)
23Spared to flow over a large area (6)
24Flustered ref rants: ‘Move to another club!’ (8)
25Like a teenager, you will get the flu badly, losing energy (8)
26For instance, nothing is starting today for self-important person (6)
Clues down
1Abduct under the influence of drugs in Chinese city (8)
2Temper aluminium on which to place old queen (6)
3Lie noted – arrange for cancellation (8)
4Disturbed, Italians dose spy in an impartial manner (15)
5Unknown calls out ‘Monster!’ (6)
6Pull out Len, suppressing Ghent riots (8)
7We’re told to allot a symbol (6)
15Font etc I wrecked and scattered at wedding (8)
16Copied and ate in timid fashion (8)
17North on south-east, north on south-east?  What rubbish! (8)
19Go stealthily to give gratuity to European (6)
20My faithful dog turning up inside for change (6)
22Fuss, mainly over charged particle melting (6)

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