Crossword No 30 (third series)

11                  12         
13        14  15    16        17     
18                  19         
20    21      22        23        24 
25                  26         
27          28                 

Clues across
1Sabres out to break up the wreckers (9)
6Creature found in tumbledown stable after first of lodgers has left (5)
9Opera hidden in contralto’s cabinet (5)
10Scot, possibly – or a Dutchman? (9)
11Amid yard I upset this farm worker (9)
12French nobleman returning thanks for old coin (5)
13Laid back with first of smiling faces (5)
15Composer returns, suppressing horrible moans, in hackney carriage (6,3)
18One holding a chair makes poor serfs revolt (9)
19Erato, say, has nothing inside computer accessory (5)
20Drunk, stretched as far as possible (5)
22Estimated price for job is something copied from a book (9)
25Umpires in broken-down small sporty car (9)
26Saint was long time around north (5)
27Nymph in boring commercial (5)
28Sent home temporarily and hanged (9)
Clues down
1Observed, as broadcast, and located (5)
2Graduates can fuss, getting feet beaten (9)
3Creep to hide poster in plaything (5)
4Removes restraint when heartless uncle is held over remains of fire (9)
5Thus rising moisture is scattered (5)
6Second-class winding road over moor turning north at place where important decisions are made (9)
7A cracked disc used for underwater detection (5)
8National Union of Railwaymen battle to change means of reversing locomotive (9)
13‘Stood in’ is put in wrong order in deed (9)
14Leader of soldiers held round tower, initially, before being protected (9)
16Drugs produce new antics?  Cor! (9)
17Given a warning and sold to highest bidder after one character moves up two places (9)
21Fish is very quiet when held by chap (5)
22Game – nothing lost – all square (5)
23A way in to get semi-precious stone (5)
24Smelt and pried (5)

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