Crossword No 33 (third series)

11            12               
13      14        15  16        17   
19  20        21      22    23       
24            25               

Clues across
8Send message to European?  This will hold up the means of transmission! (9,4)
9First light cuts through Friday breakfast (8)
10Disorganised family with fast aircraft provide a printer (3-3)
11Strays become woodland creatures (6)
12Itís not deserved to be disturbed near dune (8)
13Diesel fuel is hot Ė with whirling, perhaps (7)
15How does one save anything?  The answerís no good! (7)
19Extend a hand to provide aid to disadvantaged individuals (8)
22Itís dropped in the water, upsetting roach (indefinite number) (6)
24Italian town needs help when one replaces leader of troublemakers (6)
25Tidy life produces faithfulness (8)
26Rowing crew take elevator in extension to building to see Olympic sport (13)
Clues down
1Wrongly rates tea as something used in soap-making (8)
2Fly buzzing round a pair of bees, out of condition (6)
3See gross, confused, giant women (8)
4Suddenly go on strike to take girl-friend for a stroll (4-3)
5Iím in hunt for an antique carriage (6)
6Prepare gun for firing with twisted leer Ė aiming at this bird? (8)
7Scatter seed round church and withdraw (6)
14Awkwardly vain, almost rigid state (8)
16Rugby player to suspend temporarily (5-3)
17Got share somehow in dearth (8)
18Fail to lift up feet before dealing cards (7)
20Now sunís out, and seeds are still in the packet! (6)
21Return to earth, blazing (6)
23Pass learner that is a dog (6)

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