Crossword No 34 (third series)

10              11             
12                  13         
14    15        16  17    18         
19        20  21    22        23     
24              25             
26                27         

Clues across
7One is seized by a traitor returning head-dress (5)
8Cut prune badly, making a hole (8)
10Board transport, seeing two different directions on front of coach (7)
11Supervise whilst abroad, we’re told (7)
12Do without tattered tent left behind accidentally (9)
13Uniform retained by Sikh – a king’s soldier (5)
14Take a break spreading hay round ramshackle lido (7)
17Country taking aluminium from down under (7)
19Broken stein put in place (5)
21Italian poet travels round Underground in the wrong direction for young lady coming out (9)
24He twisted lilac like a screw thread (7)
25Go astray and start smoking – whilst carrying out these commissions? (7)
26Let’s pray to change this ancient instrument (8)
27Continue performing in London suburb (5)
Clues down
1Threat could be a mad one (6)
2Virginia and Georgia link together to get tramp (8)
3Musical instrument made from conifer found in street (6)
4Mansion I renovated; now I suffer from this (8)
5Good person with broken garden tool is to run naked (6)
6New melody inspired outdoors (5,3)
7Play about low-ranking member of Round Table, it’s said (7,5)
9Unusually, declines seat in cooked-meat shop (12)
15Uninterested, having no catalogue (8)
16He made vocal music in the mountains, or yelled, perhaps (8)
18End of the week – or start of the weekend? (8)
20Come to grips with equipment (6)
22Two runs scored without touching the ball?  Dismissed! (3-3)
23Number swirling in Tyne (6)

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