Crossword No 35 (third series)

11                      12     
13        14      15        16     
18              19             
20    21  22    23        24        25 
26                  27         
28              29             

Clues across
1Edward provided diamonds, making a pile (7)
5Cuts down cyst she disturbed (7)
9Barrier erected for receiver (5)
10Stuff Cork changed and eliminated (6,3)
11Want the French skill – sewing? (11)
12Trendy joint (3)
13Turning round a company, one with lump of butter as ingredient for pudding (7)
15Respected poster stuck in the mud (7)
17Poorly, so mill doesn’t open (3)
18Refrain from something assigned to Bruin? (7)
19Laconic, perhaps, coming to a point (7)
20Strange drink (3)
22Expressing amusement at gossip – it’ll knock you out (8-3)
26I am inclined to be fair (9)
27Fifty songs found in dens (5)
28Backdrop, say, for part of play set by railway (7)
29Maybe Lego can freeze (7)
Clues down
1The Spanish aircraft’s vertical tail surface is small and delicate (5)
2He looks after a pub and protects an Austrian river (9)
3It’s great when I hand out the cards (5)
4Ay, cashier is relaxing here (4,5)
5Reverse fairy spell which grips this country (5)
6Snatch Amy, upsetting sailor (9)
7Ho-ho! Caught out making illicit liquor (5)
8Quiet way to propel bicycle? Don’t mention it! (4-5)
13Frail, running fast awkwardly round sterns of ships (9)
14Too big to play grave role (9)
15Ill?  Cocoa (hot, well stirred) may be better for you than this sort of drink (9)
16Identify gear wheel about which I sneer wickedly (9)
21Father hides in tree, swinging over into another (5)
23Single item (unknown) produces agreement (5)
24Material found in sunny Londonderry, for instance (5)
25Coarse fibre spun for sails (5)

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