Crossword No 36 (third series)

10                11           
12      13      14    15        16   
17              18             
20                21           
22  23        24  25        26       
27                28           

Clues across
8Father takes part to get conditional release of prisoner (6)
9Liable to react in an abnormally sensitive manner, making Grace ill (8)
10Fine malt converted to fine thread (8)
11Surprisingly, drew no amazement (6)
12A tartís cooked in layers (6)
14Gets rid of fish in warm place (8)
17Unusual piece, often Welsh (7)
18Get engaged, making Sue pose (7)
20Study cat and accuse publicly (8)
21Wanted first garden spoiled by little Edward (6)
22Fashion on street is restrained (6)
25Stupid beauty, itís said, is swung around in gym (4-4)
27Hot women go crazy where one grew up (8)
28Calling man with gin Ďdrunkí (6)
Clues down
1Stratagem I arrange for one in court (10)
2A partyís turned up for a drink (4)
3Unit of DNA with allowance for people of the same age (10)
4Motherís argument for dog (7)
5Wild beast turns round to run (4)
6Sharpening machine crushes shade (10)
7Pleasant resort (4)
13Screwed up memo re neat wind gauge (10)
15At present, men try hiding pique (10)
16Driving away girl naming letters in word (10)
19In charge of title (7)
23Instrument held by hobo, enthralled by music (4)
24Stepped back in corridor, taking avoiding action (4)
26Old boy landing upside-down on doctor Ė itíll cause a bang! (4)

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