Crossword No 2 (fourth series)

10        11                   
12            13               
14      15            16        17   
18  19        20      21    22       
23              24      25       
26                27           

Each down clue contains a wrong letter.  These letters, taken in order, spell out the solution to 14 across.

Clues across
8Uncertain praise for an old country (6)
9Applied hair oil and confirmed in high office (8)
10Found in bathtub Ė a big instrument (4)
11Change deal Ė retype over and over again (10)
12One to follow for German songs, itís said (6)
13Not the first editor to be supported (8)
14See preamble (15)
18Look closely into things after jail sentence for baron (4,4)
21Sent on a particular course and thoroughly defeated (6)
23Eric cannot play a variation on this (10)
25Itís dead (as before, same again) (4)
26Nationality of Janeís ape? (8)
27Made sudden thrust Ė breathing space given to Edward (6)
Clues down
1Cruel Ianís turned greenish-blue (8)
2Man, for instance, seen at end of no-manís land (6)
3Rip chair open and find retainer for locks (4,4)
4Instrument to continually dwell on some theme (4)
5Made up of tiny pieces, like the Ten Commandments with displaced commas (6)
6Drunk real pint Ė itís on the inside (8)
7Chap, we hear, makes part of ram (6)
13Woodland god disturbed tryst (5)
15Iíve upset Croat Ė wearing this? (8)
16Goose found clinging to bruiserís bottom (8)
17Worked with feet and tried to get round lad, upset (8)
19I weep over Alís pressure line (6)
20Deserved to see composer in Idaho, briefly (6)
22Tendon needs operation Ė itís not fastened (6)
24Yeti turns up Ė thatís a piece of news! (4)

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