Crossword No 3 (fourth series)

11      12                     
13        14  15    16        17     
18                  19         
20    21        22        23  24    25 
26              27             

Clues across
1Warmer Rio river, maybe, facilitates retrospection (4,4,6)
9Cowboy’s job is to raise to more convenient number (5,2)
10Announce wrongly “Cleared!” (7)
11Legendary bird or headless reptile (3)
12Mishaps Nora suffers, showing ability to have a row (11)
13Issued orders and drew straight lines (5)
15Scold and throw aside one barrier (9)
18Old US President, badly deformed, found in sled, throttled (9)
19Come into hospital department with hesitation (5)
20Fruit shared for dessert (6,5)
24Rover, perhaps, returns object of worship (3)
26Neater conifer, right? (7)
27Rushed back at speed to tell story (7)
28Impartial youth leader and 24 have parent appearing in pantomime (5,9)
Clues down
1Are found in posh car – not so common (5)
2“Vulcan are you, eh?” it’s said – confused like one’s father’s brother! (9)
3One dove seen flapping about in recording for TV (5)
4Never-ending empire, one placed over US state, known only by experience (9)
5If this woman turns up, she looks just the same (5)
6Restore friendship with one cleric, maybe (5)
7Exclamation about periodical seen in Northern Irish town (5)
8Skip twelve months – this provides an extra day! (4,4)
13Horse-bus broken down, found in garden (8)
14Rancid gin is served up for travellers in this? (6-3)
16Relegated to minor role, Denis turns up around cooked-meat shop (9)
17Car shown on chart, often begged from celebrity (9)
21Girl not quite usual (5)
22Gush in silly fashion about first of runners and make gesture of uncertainty (5)
23Body hidden in doctor’s operating theatre (5)
25Miserable, supporting five hundred on back (5)

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