Crossword No 4 (fourth series)

10            11               
12                    13       
14  15        16            17       
18      19  20        21        22   
23                24           
25            26               

Clues across
8Sent round American coin as deposit (8)
9Thought not to have charged particle (6)
10Exercise holding air-vessel in dive (6)
11Badly drench fifty-one and create issue (8)
12Burden I’m to set in place (10)
13Sung?  No church, so it’s spoken (4)
14Hint: magnetic ink could be changed into something for making a jumper (8-7)
18Drop distorted poker (4)
20Novelties I switched round in box (10)
23Grannies working for wages (8)
24West Indian’s broken fish-basket with nothing in it (6)
25Snuggle down in home with the French (6)
26Lear, next to stray outside (8)
Clues down
1Five riding on mule turning up after swallowing first bit of lovely calf skin (6)
2Two actions to take with a letter to show the way to go (8)
3The old men – and one from the Middle East (6)
4Re-packing stilts after injury – this might be needed when dressing wound (8-7)
5Tokens of sin I gain wrongfully (8)
6Boss – one with nothing in workroom (6)
7Give early notice of warren, perhaps (8)
15Told trade ran badly (8)
16“Fiancé” is meant (8)
17Public house or inn on railway (8)
19Give academic unusual tea (6)
21Cleaner at start of extra leave (6)
22Upset Colin with a cure for stiff joints (6)

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