Crossword No 5 (fourth series)

10        11          12       
13  14        15      16    17       
18            19               
20      21  22        23  24    25   
26                27           

Clues across
1He patrols in the dark, making hangman twitch (5-8)
8Agile doctor plunged into African river (6)
9Stressed chimp ate strangely (8)
10Split lease (4)
11Church leaderís tree (5)
12Make long hard journey on foot, returning in quicker time (4)
13Respected European steed runs round Maine (8)
16Twisted garter found in attic (6)
18Plant found in marshy ground next to National Engineering Laboratory (6)
19Surprise!  Toniís wedged in tree! (8)
20Dadís upset tots (4)
22Avoid Venetian magistrate holding leader of delinquents (5)
24Man, perhaps?  Iíll say! (4)
26Drink Ė demon ale, maybe (8)
27So this alters lifts (6)
28Confidence in not dying?  Or cash if you do? (4,9)
Clues down
1Being ingenuous, I hide in main part of church (5)
2Intermediary engaged in shuttle diplomacy (2-7)
3The queen turns up Ė but not here! (5)
4Deed man altered (7)
5Reproduction OK?  Not with this in force! (9)
6Average time intended (5)
7Silent lionesses are confused (9)
14Rush placed on healthy plant (9)
15Sensational piece for the stage said to be a mature play (9)
17Intro Enid played for performance of song (9)
19Dreads to change something starting where one lives (7)
21Jeer, making last of actors cough, by the sound of it (5)
23Three becomes a different sort of number (5)
25French and English articles combined in a machine (5)

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