Crossword No 7 (fourth series)

11            12               
13      14        15  16        17   
19  20        21      22    23       
24            25               

Clues across
8Wine seen on chintz almost in time to become proverbial phrase (1,6,2,4)
9Reaching concord and eager, perhaps, to have gin cocktail (8)
10Wild parties where one is consumed by mad ogres (6)
11Scottish brook that is flowing in the country (6)
12Dreamt aged Mini came to grief (8)
13Branch of science ranks animal collection alongside logarithm of unknown quantity (7)
15Trial for size in best condition (7)
19Thrown about to infect? (8)
22European flower featured in religious festival (6)
24Fifty-one buried by overturned crag – it’s a plant! (6)
25Two musical instruments required for dance (8)
26Making motions with the hands, egoistical nut is confused (13)
Clues down
1Bounder upsetting 5 – OK? (8)
2Scattered from centre of in-tray in four directions (6)
3Small flies rise all round in Ireland, initially causing discolouration (8)
4Feeling of embarrassment when old king’s held by chain (7)
5Tail-less goat ran off to see another goat (6)
6“I slung it” as translated by language expert (8)
7Withdraw from European Community when bad seed is spread around (6)
14When upset, self lies dead (8)
16I yell, it’s said, for this dessert (3,5)
17Brushing away tears being shed after first of squabbles (8)
18Whit?  Lacking (7)
20House of fruit (6)
21Having nervous twitch about deed?  Just a ploy! (6)
23Nothing in derelict ship with a woman’s name (6)

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