Crossword No 8 (fourth series)

10              11             
12                  13         
14    15        16  17    18         
19        20  21    22        23     
24              25             
26                27         

Clues across
7I upset nice ancient tribe (5)
8Stretch exhibited by Noel exercising in front of number of football spectators (8)
10Feeble tune into which things vanish (4,3)
11Concerning poetry Ė go back! (7)
12Check and compel and strengthen (9)
13In order, name the characters in magic formula (5)
14Joins up, unusually silent before first of September (7)
17Worry was returning for this cutter (7)
19Explode and perhaps rue quiet time (5)
21Plant gold cheese before Spanish aunt (9)
24Carrollís heroine goes after church communion-cup (7)
25Liberation from holding back river (7)
26Gymnasium equipment needed for stupid girl, itís said (4-4)
27Transparent and unblocked (5)
Clues down
1Twins, for instance, reversing car (6)
2Clumsy social errors made about two leading Irish characters, seen as long-necked creatures (8)
3Mistake made after onset of turbulence, causing great fear (6)
4How an elf signs his letters?  Or is it definitely the second person? (8)
5Duck presents architectural shapes (6)
6They may fire pistols to get first course (8)
7Meddling spoiling broadcast (12)
9Bunting displayed by scared striker (12)
15Applaud a numismatist for concealing opiate (8)
16Embankments placed around Los Angeles turn up the average height of the ocean (3,5)
18Dive back over fence, failing to start testimony (8)
20George du Maurierís novel hat (6)
22Meant to be played very loudly inside bundle of straw?  It will regulate the sound (6)
23Put things straight as tide swirled round girl (6)

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