Crossword No 10 (fourth series)

10                11           
12      13      14    15        16   
17              18             
20                21           
22  23        24  25        26       
27                28           

Clues across
8Entrance leading to gold confection (6)
9Getting out of bed to meet girl friend?  Very modern! (2-2-4)
10Tango in stupid fashion round swamp and slide down hill (8)
11Servant grabs Edward, then returns for crown (6)
12Popular barrier, not outside (6)
14Sounds like a mischievous state concerned with the sea (8)
17Let liar change word for word (7)
18Woman struck under the belt, causing sore place on finger (7)
20He gave us a view of the world from German car on a hill (8)
21Fifty cacti crushed to get this sort of acid (6)
22A plank on ship (6)
25Sort of rise for Rome ’tec I upset (8)
27Still, saint with silver insect is holding indefinite number (8)
28Tyre coming from the centre (6)
Clues down
1Asian money splashed out for dressing (10)
2Nothing could be absolute (4)
3“Ten Jag” guru crashed heavy goods vehicle (10)
4Computer pioneer holding fifth of seminars and changing direction (7)
5Boss’s collar fastener? (4)
6Unworldly, laid cities to waste (10)
7Dirty place, we’re told, produced sore eye (4)
13Pack too many volts into battery and demand an excessive price (10)
15Pup loses head, with unknown coming after gun-holder for padding (10)
16Native sailor – not a copy (10)
19American Indian running round mat to make body burn up (7)
23Accept bait and live after swallowing it (4)
24Director-General takes in artist to draw, overcoming resistance (4)
26They form a miscellany with ends (4)

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