Crossword No 11 (fourth series)

11              12             
14      15          16        17   
18            19               
20  21        22    23      24       
26                    27       

Clues across
1Wurlitzer, perhaps, I sat on whilst holding one unified system (12)
9Dress 14 and boast (4)
10His twin brother ended dumb, we hear (10)
11Shy type swallows narcotic, initially becoming rough (7)
12In favour of trial – or expression of an objection? (7)
14Draw?  Not sufficiently intelligent! (8)
16Salad ingredient launched into space (6)
18Good man hugging pine, for instance, in thoroughfare (6)
19A hundred uncooked fish may be this! (8)
20Lamb, say, could be of very poor quality (7)
23Lift up French pupil running round a teacher at first (7)
26Bend knee, beg pie for this job – it’ll give you a buzz! (10)
27Auction, we’re told, for maritime propulsion unit (4)
28Motorway has unhappy opening by Yorkshire river – an unfortunate occurrence (12)
Clues down
2Royal lager is poured back (5)
3Servant has to wait on insect (9)
4Dice shaken and given sugary coating (4)
5Snake seen in summer? (5)
6Just the same, it could be in dialect (9)
7Requirements of editor swamped by news (Wednesday’s leader deleted) (5)
8It may make you angry or get you up to scratch (8)
13Law cited in error (5)
15Retains and longs, it’s said, for reminders of loved one (9)
16Correct about nobleman? It’s on the back of his car! (4,5)
17Scientist needs a stone in Germany (8)
21Fish trapped in amber? (5)
22A leader is in front (5)
24Counsellor missing commercial for face protection (5)
25Conceal leather (4)

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